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Update on Melting RTX 4090 Connectors from Nvidia

With an online post acknowledging concerns, GPU manufacturer Nvidia is finally responding to cable melting issues with the GeForce RTX 4090. Nvidia is receiving harsh criticism from PC gamers and rivals as further evidence suggests that the wires of the recently introduced RTX 4090 GPU are prone to melting.

Since it was revealed that the 16-pin connectors on the new RTX 4090 GPUs were prone to melting, outrage has erupted online. Although Nvidia had been relatively quiet, discussions about the melting cables have gained popularity on social media and on Reddit forums. More reports have surfaced since the first single incident of melted power cables on the RTX 4090.

Due to the defective 16-pin connectors, Nvidia is currently facing a class action lawsuit. Nvidia posted a support knowledge base article titled “Power Connector Update – GeForce RTX 4090” in an effort to address the controversy. Simply put, the corporation is looking into roughly 50 cases of melting power cords from all over the world, according to the article.

According to Nvidia, approximately 125,000 RTX 4090 cards have been sold, so even if there have only been 50 instances of melted cables, the failure rate for the RTX 4090 cards is only.04%. New GPUs and cables have been provided to the impacted customers via expedited shipping and processing. While some gamers and tech experts contend that user error, not Nvidia’s product, is to blame for the problem with melting power cables, others contend that the cables’ design and build quality are to blame.

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