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According to reports, Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti cancelled due to melting power supplies

Due to rumors that the potent GPU melts down and destroys both itself and PC power supply, the new Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Ti may not be launched.

The news comes as costs for NVIDIA’s RTX 3090 GPUs from the previous generation have started to decline, with Amazon giving early access offers on a number of models. Many PC gamers were excited to try the new RTX GPU generation, which offers a roughly 50% performance gain over the previous generation, despite the reasonable costs.

According to a source close to Moore’s Law is Dead, a well-known technology, gaming, and lifestyle writer and podcast host, the NVIDIA RTX 4090 Ti is simply too potent at the moment. The RTX 4090 Ti won’t be hitting the market anytime soon, according to the source. According to rumors, the powerful GPU was melting power supplies, tripping breakers, and occasionally even the GPU itself. In spite of these alarming hardware issues, NVIDIA’s team green still has time to solve the issue and figure out how to make a functional RTX 4090 Ti.

Over the years, NVIDIA has seen more competition as a result of Intel’s efforts to provide a similar GPU at a lower cost. PC gamers often want the greatest power possible for their money, and the GPU market is quite competitive.

Particularly because RTX improvements increase gameplay and aesthetics, RTX features have grown in popularity among PC gamers. NVIDIA’s DLSS software, which uses artificial intelligence to improve game performance, has been updated into a number of games. This enables players to enjoy games at high graphic settings without experiencing frame rate drops. The RTX 4090 Ti would have been a popular choice among those eager for premium 4K gameplay and live-streaming as PC gamers have a reputation for pushing the limits of game performance.

In 2021 and 2022, some partner-brand 3080 Ti cards made headlines when the GPUs appeared to malfunction, leaving gamers with a dark screen and shrill GPU fans. Many players attributed the GPU failures on Amazon Game’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game New World, while others blamed the partner-brand GPUs’ subpar manufacturing. With the RTX 4090 Ti, NVIDIA undoubtedly intended to redefine GPU power, but if these rumors are accurate, gamers may have to wait before we see this technology operating in a secure manner.

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