PLAYCON News Gaming EA Launches new PC App to Replace Origin

EA Launches new PC App to Replace Origin

After 10 years, Electronic Arts is introducing the EA App, a new desktop client for PCs, to replace Origin PC.

EA called the software their “fastest and lightest PC client to date” in a blog post announcing its launch today. Prior to the announcement, the EA app was in open beta. It is currently available and will eventually completely replace Origin.

For more than ten years, EA has welcomed millions of gamers to its Origin platform. The company has listened to its users’ input and acknowledged the platform’s limits in the ever changing entertainment industry.

“So we set out to design EA’s next-generation PC game platform—a quicker, more dependable, and more streamlined gaming experience—the greatest possible environment for you to experience EA’s fantastic games, services, and content,” says the company.

The EA app will put more of an emphasis on social gaming and let users import their buddy lists from Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam accounts.

For current Origin users, the data migration procedure will be quite straightforward; games, local and cloud saves, and buddy lists will all seamlessly migrate to the EA app.

Only PC users may access the EA app; Mac users must continue to utilize Origin to start games.

There are other projects EA is working on outside the EA app. A number of games are presently being developed by the studio, including skating and its Dead Space reboot.

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