PLAYCON News Esports Mercedes-Benz extends its partnership with Riot Games for esports through 2025

Mercedes-Benz extends its partnership with Riot Games for esports through 2025

Mercedes-Benz is still supporting esports. Since 2020, Riot Games international League of Legends esports competitions have had Mercedes-Benz as its exclusive automobile partner. All initiatives and programs are designed to advance the esports industry globally and bolster the LoL community across the world. The “Worlds,” the official world championship for League of Legends Esports, is the partnership’s yearly high point. Every year, a new nation or region throughout the world serves as the host venue for Worlds. North America will host the 2022 edition.

For the winning team’s Championship Ring last year, the design teams of the two partners collaborated.

Winning the hearts of gaming fans is an exciting challenge. Together with Riot Games, we are in the best condition to inspire the community and to successfully shape the future of esports. We are therefore looking forward to continuing our cooperation – and to remaining an integral part of the global League of Legends family.

Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG

Mercedes-Benz is counting on its partnership with Aether Diamonds to continue to create the Championship Ring. The distinctive ring design will be enhanced with a sustainable diamond in the middle thanks to the assistance of the American business. Carbon directly extracted from the atmosphere is used to create Aether Diamonds. Additionally, the joint venture partners Riot Games and Mercedes-Benz are dedicated to a number of environmental and humanitarian causes. Because of this, the game developer established the “Riot Games Social Impact Fund” in 2019. This nonprofit organization serves as the engine for Riot’s global social impact efforts and supports more than 400 organizations across 25 regions. To date, it has distributed over $23 million in grants to nonprofits worldwide.

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