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League of Legends Season 2023 Details Announced

Following the conclusion of the League of Legends Pre-Season 2023, Riot Games has made official announcements regarding the next Ranked season and awards. Additionally, they have made public announcements about new champion updates, mid-scope tweaks, and more.

The Ahri Art and Sustainability Update, Aurelion Sol Comprehensive Gameplay Update, Mid-Year Ranked Reset, 2023 Champion Plan, and other topics were covered by the League of Legends team in the launch.

Check out the explainer video below:

Season 2023 | LoL Pls - League of Legends

This year, the in-game ranked season will be divided into two splits, like professional competitive seasons are. League players will effectively be able to earn twice as many rewards as they did before thanks to a feature from Riot’s own Teamfight Tactics. The second split has not yet been given a start date, however it may occur in June or July.

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