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The GamingMalta Foundation Announces Partnership With Unity

The GamingMalta Foundation announces its partnership with Unity (NYSE:U) the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D (RT3D) content, to launch a Centre of Excellence as part of the government of Malta’s strategy spearheaded by the GamingMalta Foundation to accelerate growth in video gaming, digital media, and immersive technology sectors.

As part of the partnership, Unity training and certification programs will be offered to both educators and students who attend the Centre of Excellence. This program will allow those coming to the Centre of Excellence to become Unity Certified, which will help up to 400 students stand out from the crowd, demonstrating to employers that they have the technical skills and applied knowledge they need.  It will also allow for learners to become Unity Certified Instructors within Malta College for Arts and Technology (MCAST) and the University of Malta.

Silvio Schembri – Minister for Economy and Industry, Malta said: ‘This partnership with Unity is part of our strategy following the launch of the basecamp incubator space, which we inaugurated last year, to tangibly ensure the growth of the video game development and immersive technology sectors, which tend to offer high-quality careers. We need to remain ahead of the loop since immersive technology such as AR and VR is developing and diversifying at breakneck speed, transforming all sectors of the economy, including gaming, entertainment, health, education, retail, manufacturing, and more. Working with one of the largest and most innovative real-time 3D platforms in the gaming industry will ensure that we are creating the right landscape of accelerating our home-grown talent and feeding the ecosystem with the required talent pipeline’.

Unity is providing a mixture of classroom, practical, and hands-on learning content, allowing students to come together and learn, innovate, create and present their ideas to tackle big challenges.

The goal of this Centre of Excellence is to ensure that Malta grows into a talent hub for these sectors and provides the talent pipeline equipped with the right skills needed to accelerate growth in these sectors.

Unity is excited to partner with GamingMalta to help equip local talent with the learning materials they need to compete in the job market of today and tomorrow. Unity believes the world is a better place with more creators and we see this as an opportunity to directly empower the next generation of creators with the tools they need to succeed. It’s fantastic to be part of a project that is directly creating positive change and greater economic opportunities for learners in Malta.

Nicole Zingg, Global Head of Channel Partnerships, Unity

Growing sectors such as video game development and immersive technologies require a strong dose of talent development and this partnership with Unity will set the stage for increasing our talent pool. Unity is the leader in real-time 3D development so the use of its engine is an essential skill for the growth of the gaming and immersive technology industry. We are already attracting companies in these sectors and we need to continue intensifying our efforts in creating sustainable job opportunities in the local sector and, whilst developing professionals with the skills to embrace these opportunities.

Ivan Filletti, COO of the GamingMalta Foundation
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